Setouchi: the Seto Inland Sea, its islands and coastal areas.



    Extra fresh and delicious sashimi.    

Miyanoura Gallery 6

Miyanoura Gallery 6 on Naoshima

  When you go to Naoshima, you’ll most likely get there through the port of Miyanoura. Once you have landed, you may be then tempted to rush to the bus that will lead you to Honmura to see the Art House Project or to the...

Takamatsu Station - smiley

Smiling Takamatsu Station

  This is how the Takamatsu Station has looked like for a few days/weeks:     I’m not exactly sure why. Apparently the four major train stations of Shikoku got that “Shikoku Smile Station” treatment.    

Gion - 19 - late maiko on her way too Yasaka Hall

Gion’s Geishas

  For this first post about my recent trip to Kyoto I’m going to tell you about one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city: Gion. Famous because, on top of being one of the traditional neighborhoods, it also is Kyoto’s main Hanamachi, if...

resting under the cherry blossoms

Resting under the Cherry Blossoms

    The cherry blossoms are finally in bloom in Takamatsu! I hope that they’ll stay that way until next week-end at least so that I can go take some nice pictures here and there. In the meantime, I hope you’ll like this picture taken...

Cherry Blossom Buds

Cherry Blossom Buds

    We returned safely from Kyoto. It was a great trip and expect a few posts about it in the coming months. One disappointment, the cherry blossoms were not in bloom yet except for a few early trees here and there, and it really...

Meon destination

Where is Meon going?

  Well, Meon is going to Megijima and Ogijima of course…     On a side note, I’m going somewhere too starting tomorrow and for a few days. The destination is a secret until I’m there (just because). However, I’m not sure what internet connection...

Sakura bud - Ogijima

Spring has come…

  … and with it some major changes on the blog. You may have noticed the new look. Do you like it? You may also have noticed the new name. What do you think of it? Some more changes may show up little by little....

Big Bambu - Teshima - 13

Big Bambú on Teshima

  When most people hear the words Japan, Art and Island, the first thing that comes to their mind is Naoshima. And it is true that Naoshima was the first “art island.” A little more than 20 years ago, museums and art installations started popping...

Ogijima Daffodils - 8

Ogijima’s Daffodils

  Before the Setouchi Triennale, Ogijima was “famous” (locally only) for one thing and one thing only: its daffodils. At the end of winter, like everywhere else, the island’s daffodils are in bloom, and they do attract a lot of visitors from Takamatsu. Nowadays, as...

Honen-ji - Sanbutsudo - Bouddha

Hōnen-ji’s Dying Buddha

  I sometimes call Hōnen-ji “Takamatsu’s best kept secret”. The temple, located in Busshōzan (Takamatsu’s historical district), is not famous, doesn’t usually get many visitors and they’re definitely not tourists for the most part. And honestly, from the outside, while it’s quite enjoyable, it doesn’t...

20 janvier 2014

How to raise a bilingual kid

  Or more precisely, how to make sure your binational, bicultural kid becomes bilingual. Six months after the creation of this new rubric on the blog, here is at last its second post (this rubric is meant to be a long term thing, more or...

Liminal Air Space-Time by Shinji Ohmaki

Liminal Air Space-Time by Shinji Ohmaki

  Maybe the name Shinji Ohmaki is totally unknown to you… or maybe it’s not, especially if you’re a regular reader and/or if you’ve been to Takamatsu within the past three years. In those cases, you most likely have already seen Liminal Air -core- that...