Setouchi: the Seto Inland Sea, its islands and coastal areas.

Yoshihide Otomo - Ogijima - 07

Yoshihide Otomo on Ogijima

  As you may know, the Setouchi Triennale’s main goal is to revitalize the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. The Triennale is an amazing idea to trigger that revitalization, but while it is necessary, an art festival every three years is not enough to...

Bride and Groom in Korakuen - 1

Newlyweds in Korakuen

  When you visit beautiful and famous parks in Japan, you sometimes stumble upon newlyweds taking pictures. Here is a young couple who immortalized their wedding in Okayama’s Korakuen:              

Ogijima Soul

Ogijima’s Sky

  When you’re on Ogijima and look up, you sometimes see this:     In case you’re wondering, it’s Jaume Plensa’s Ogijima’s Soul.    

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Quick stop…

    A quick stop on the blog to say hi as I’ve reached the midpoint of my vacation, so “Hi”. The first half consisted in a small trip to Kyoto and a stop to Ehime (Niihama and Saijo to be precise). The second half...

Seto Inland Sea - Teshima - Ogijima


    Just a quick note to tell you to not worry if you don’t see anything on this blog for the next two weeks (don’t worry, but don’t forget me either, mmm ‘kay?). I’ll be on vacation for a few days, and I’ll also have...

Takamatsu Sunport covered plaza

Takamatsu Sunport’s Covered Plaza

  In Takamatsu Sunport there is a quite fascinating structure. This covered open plaza has a name, I always forget it, and I doubt many people know it. Its purpose is to serve as an event and exhibit space, and you may have already seen...

Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 9

Onba Factory – September 2014

  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been more than one year since I last talked (briefly) about Onba Factory on the blog! Time to change this. I guess the place has become so familiar to me that I’m starting to take it for granted. I...

Teshima - Karato Matsuri 2013

Fall Matsuri are coming!

  In some parts of Japan, I have the feeling that summer is the time of the year when one can find plenty of matsuri. But on Shikoku, Fall definitely is Matsuri season. Especially mid-october, a time that is also rice harvest time and this is...

Konpirasan - Main Shrine - 02

Konpira-san’s Main Shrine

  And here we are: Konpira-san’s Main Shrine! Finally. Before you go any further, maybe it is necessary to refresh your memory a little, isn’t it? So if your memories of the beginning of Konpira-san’s ascension are a bit blurred (not your fault, I could...

Walkway - Takamatsu Sunport

Sunport Walkway

    Takamatsu Sunport’s walkway. guest starring Shinji Ohmaki’s Liminal Air – core – in the background.    

Tile Dragon

Tile Dragon

    It’s a tile… It’s a dagon… It’s a tile dragon!!!   Note that this picture is a little old, and I kinda have forgotten where I took it, although I think it’s in the small museum of the Ritsurin Garden.