Setouchi: the Seto Inland Sea, its islands and coastal areas.

Naoshima Pier

Naoshima Beach

  Nowadays, Naoshima is more and more famous, with reason, for its great museums and art. However, when you visit the island, you’ll see that not only the art is amazing, but also the surroundings – namely the Seto Inland Sea – and the best...

Old Japanese Mailbox

Old Japanese Mailbox

    This old Japanese mailbox is not in used anymore (it stands inside the Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum in Takamatsu). However, there are a few that can be seen here and there on Shikoku and I believe in other (rural) parts of...

Japanese Cicada

Japanese Cicada

    I hate Japanese Cicada so much (you would do if they woke you up at 5.30 in the morning and if they were pouring their 70-80 decibels of irritating sounds into your living room daily for a month), and yet, I keep on...


Aji and its Stone

  Aji is a neighborhood in the north-east of Takamatsu. Actually, it used to be its own village before being incorporated to the city a few years ago. However, despite being now part of Takamatsu, it remains isolated enough to still feel like a village. This...

Zentsu-ji - April 2013 - 2

At Zentsu-ji

    Just a couple of pictures from Zentsu-ji, the 75th temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage (but the largest and most important one as it’s the birthplace of Kobo Daishi).        


Takamatsu Fishing Port

  Funny how before I lived in town, when I was simply visiting, I used to see the Takamatsu fishing port pretty much daily (my in-laws live nearby), but nowadays I very rarely go. However, I stopped by a few days ago and brought you some...

Megijima Matsuri 2015 - 2

Megijima Matsuri, 2015

  Yesterday was my (more or less) yearly visit of Megijima (as well as, earlier in the day, my 10th or so, visit of Ogijima in the year – yet some people think they’re pretty much interchangeable – people who don’t know them, but I’m...

Akinorium - Ogijima - 07

Akinorium on Ogijima

  Sometimes, I’m worse than the white rabbit. I should have posted this late April, early May… Oh well, better late than never, and it’s not even exactly “late” as I’m going to tell you about one of the new artworks of the Setouchi Triennale...

Tanuki - Yashima-ji

Tanuki in Yashima-ji

  When you go to Yashima-ji – the 84th temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage – located in Takamatsu, make sure you see the tanuki. The temple is full of them, and while some of them are quite obvious, some other ones are pretty well hidden. Here are just a...

Unsuccessful, but not defeated!

A Setouchi Adventure

  All you are about to read is totally factual… or not… A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join in on an adventure, a Setouchi adventure. We could even call it a “quest”. I can’t give you all the details yet,...

Tsuda no Matsubara - 2015 - 08

Tsuda no Matsubara

  A few weeks ago, I returned to the town of Tsuda, just east of Takamatsu, for the first time in 5 years or so, to stop at one of the most beautiful spots in Kagawa (I know, Kagawa has a lot of “one of...

Kawaramachi railroad

Near Kawaramachi Station

  Another pic from my Kawaramachi series. Today, a few houses right next to the station. I would never live there, but I must admit that they have a certain charm, if only a photographic one: