Setouchi: the Seto Inland Sea, its islands and coastal areas.

14 - Teshima Art Museum

Setouchi Triennale 2016 on Teshima

A few days after visiting Inujima and Teshima, we went to… Teshima! Again. However, it’s a different “we”. This time, I didn’t go with my family, but with my friend Cathy Hirano, who also co-writes an awesome blog about Takamatsu and its surroundings. It goes...

Gorilla in Takamatsu

Gorilla in Takamatsu

  To my knowledge, there are three gorillas in public places in Takamatsu. Here is one:     Can you find where it’s located? (it’s not too difficult, there are hints on the picture) And in case you wonder, here another gorilla in Takamatsu. I’m not...