Setouchi: the Seto Inland Sea, its islands and coastal areas.

Japanese giant salamander in Kyoto - 2

Japanese Giant Salamander in Kyoto

  It’s been all around the web for the past two or three days: a Japanese giant salamander was found on the banks of a Kyoto river. If you’ve missed those pictures, here they are. The  Japanese giant salamander (andrias japonicus in Latin, ōsanshōuo in Japanese) lives in Western Japan...

Ogijima - June 2014 -28

Construction on Ogijima

  Yesterday, the weather was pretty much perfect, so we decided for an impromptu and long overdue visit to Ogijima:   Ogicho’s port   As the title of the post hints, I was surprised by the number of construction sites on the island. It may...

Papier Mache Tiger

Papier-Mâché Tiger

    This papier-mâché tiger is called a Hariko no Tora, and  think they exist all around Japan. However, this style and design is typical of Kagawa and can be found in pretty much any store that sells traditional objects.    

Particles in the Air 8

Particles in the Air on Teshima

  Noe Aoki‘s Particles in the Air is one of the works of art that have been in the area, namely Teshima, since the very first Setouchi Triennale back in 2010. While it’s not the most amazing Art Setouchi piece, and the concept is a...

Sunset over Seto Inland Sea - 2

Sunset over the Seto Inland Sea

  Returning from Naoshima:   What are all those people doing?   The same thing as I am:   I’m taking this opportunity to remind you that if you ever visit the Setouchi Islands in the Fall or early Spring, you really should take the...

Buddhist Monks at Sunport Takamatsu - 3

Buddhist Monks in Sunport Takamatsu

    Just a few Buddhist monks in Takamatsu’s Sunport.     They weren’t just hanging out, even less traveling. There were actually returning from Oshima.     I wanted a get an “Abbey Road shot” but suddenly the car arrived and destroyed this once in...

Machi no Schule 963 - 5

Machi no Schule 963

  Under this very peculiar name, Machi no Schule 963 (strange mix of Japanese and German – it kinda means “the neighborhood’s school”) is hidden one of the coolest stores in Takamatsu. It is located in Marugamemachi (the fancy part of downtown), but it is pretty well...

Aji Stone Lights - 3

Aji Stone Lamps

  Aji used to be a small village near Takamatsu. It is now part of Takamatsu (right east of Yashima). It is (locally only?) famous for its stone, the Aji stone, that is a very high quality stone and that is used for the best...

rainy lane

Rainy Lane

  An oldie but a goodie today with Kyoco Taniyama‘s Rainy Lane:     Rainy Lane was an installation that lasted only during the Setouchi International Art Festival 2010, and it was much more than just a few containers from which showers would come out...

Gashapon - 21

Gashapon WTF

  I know, this blog doesn’t talk enough about Japan’s weird and bizarre things. My friends who don’t live in Japan complain enough about it, and I’m sure my traffic would be more important if I did so on a regular basis (seeing the kind of...

Naoshima Bath - I love yu - 2

Naoshima Bath by Shinro Ohtake

  On Naoshima, just like anywhere else in Japan, there are public baths or Sento. However, in the village of Miyanoura, one is quite unique:     Of course, you have recognized Shinro Ohtake’s Naoshima Bath also known as I♥湯 (I love Yu).    ...

Teshima Ieura - Port - 3

Ieura on Teshima

  Today, I want to show you around Ieura (pronounce: “Ih-eh-oorah”) on Teshima. It’s going to be a brief visit, I’m not going to show you every nook, just a few pictures of the village that you will most likely see when you come to...



    This is the roof of one of the abandoned traditional houses on Ogijima. It’s been like this since last summer I believe (probably caused by a typhoon). Sad.