Abandoned House on Ogijima



One of my favorite abandoned houses on Ogijima. Seen from below like this it looks enormous, but when you walk on the other side, you realize that not so much. That wall though makes it look like a castle (sort of…)



David Billa

David was born and raised in France. After a few years in the US and then back to his home country, life led him to the shores of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. After falling in love with the area, he decided to show its beauty and all it has to offer with this blog.

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  1. Patrick Lydon says:

    Great angle, David! I remember you showing us this building on the visit to Ogi… I think you could do some great things with that tiny castle 😉

    • Thanks Patrick.
      Yes, I’m glad how the picture turned out.
      And the house… in an ideal world, I’d love to get it and renovate it, but it’s not that realistic actually (maybe if I knew a thing or two about renovation), and the main issue is that it’s really not that big despite the way it looks, not sure I can fit both kids in it. 😉

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