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Small Street in Takamatsu

Small Street in Takamatsu

  Like many people living in Japan, I like those small streets that would be death traps in many other countries, but not in Japan.     And I have a small game: if you live or are visiting Takamatsu, can you guess where this small...

Bell in Tamura-jinja - 1

Bell in Tamura-jinja

    Tamura-jinja is a pretty amazing shrine on the outskirts of Takamatsu. Unfortunately, every time I’ve been the light was pretty bad and I can’t seem to be able to take satisfying pictures there. One guess one of those days when the light will be...

Sunset over the Seto Inland Sea

Sunset over the Seto Inland Sea

    November sunset over the Seto Inland Sea (from Ogijima)   I haven’t been very active on this blog lately, and it’s somewhat related to what has happened in France lately, which had me reading, thinking and talking a lot – and hasn’t left...

Yashima Northern Tip - 12

Yashima’s Northern Tip

  The first outing of the year was supposed to be Ogijima on the 2nd, but due to most to bad time management, we didn’t go. So instead, the first outing of the year was the following day when we went to a spot I...

Konpirasan - to the top - 14

Konpira-san: to the top!

I took my damn sweet time. I can’t believe that this post was more than two and half years in the making, but we are finally there, to the top of Konpira-san! But before we go any further, time to catch up with the previous...

Takamatsu Sunport covered plaza

Takamatsu Sunport’s Covered Plaza

  In Takamatsu Sunport there is a quite fascinating structure. This covered open plaza has a name, I always forget it, and I doubt many people know it. Its purpose is to serve as an event and exhibit space, and you may have already seen...

Konpirasan - Main Shrine - 02

Konpira-san’s Main Shrine

  And here we are: Konpira-san’s Main Shrine! Finally. Before you go any further, maybe it is necessary to refresh your memory a little, isn’t it? So if your memories of the beginning of Konpira-san’s ascension are a bit blurred (not your fault, I could...

Walkway - Takamatsu Sunport

Sunport Walkway

    Takamatsu Sunport’s walkway. guest starring Shinji Ohmaki’s Liminal Air – core – in the background.