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Takamatsu Station - smiley

Smiling Takamatsu Station

  This is how the Takamatsu Station has looked like for a few days/weeks:     I’m not exactly sure why. Apparently the four major train stations of Shikoku got that “Shikoku Smile Station” treatment.    

Ogijima Daffodils - 8

Ogijima’s Daffodils

  Before the Setouchi Triennale, Ogijima was “famous” (locally only) for one thing and one thing only: its daffodils. At the end of winter, like everywhere else, the island’s daffodils are in bloom, and they do attract a lot of visitors from Takamatsu. Nowadays, as...

Honen-ji - Sanbutsudo - Bouddha

Hōnen-ji’s Dying Buddha

  I sometimes call Hōnen-ji “Takamatsu’s best kept secret”. The temple, located in Busshōzan (Takamatsu’s historical district), is not famous, doesn’t usually get many visitors and they’re definitely not tourists for the most part. And honestly, from the outside, while it’s quite enjoyable, it doesn’t...

Liminal Air Space-Time by Shinji Ohmaki

Liminal Air Space-Time by Shinji Ohmaki

  Maybe the name Shinji Ohmaki is totally unknown to you… or maybe it’s not, especially if you’re a regular reader and/or if you’ve been to Takamatsu within the past three years. In those cases, you most likely have already seen Liminal Air -core- that...

Putting down my bags

Putting down my bags

    No, those aren’t mine. They are the backpack and the hat of a Henro Pilgrim who was resting in Zentsū-ji. I’m just seizing the occasion to inform that I returned safely back home (in Takamatsu) from home (in France), that I almost recovered...

Ritsurin Garden - Late November - 21

Ritsurin Garden Visit in Late November

  Yes, I know, I don’t currently post enough, and seeing that we’re in the heart of Fall season, I know what you’re all waiting for and expecting from me, a very specific post! No, I’m not testing your patience on purpose and rejoice, the...

Climbing Konpira-san – First Stop

Climbing Konpira-san – First Stop

  Last June, I started a virtual guided visit of Konpira-san (sometimes spelled Kompira-san, but the official name is Kotohira-gū), maybe it’s time to resume it, and hopefully finish it before 2015. In case you forgot or missed the beginning, make sure you read it before...

Ritsurin autumn - 1

Ritsurin Garden in the Fall

  Fall is here (well, after today’s temperatures, one can be tempted to say that Winter is here)! While we’ll have to wait until April to be warm ago, there aren’t only bad sides to Fall. It’s probably the most beautiful season in Japan, and...

Tsuda Matsubara - 2

Tsuda Matsubara

  Just east of Takamatsu, in Sanuki City, which really is five smaller towns bundled up together as it’s often the case with “cities” in this part of Japan. One of them, in the north, on the coast, is Tsuda. This is where I’m briefly...