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Takamatsu after the typhoon - 2

After the Typhoon…

  If you’ve ever been through a typhoon, hurricane or cyclone, you know that once it’s over, if you didn’t sustain much or any damage, it’s always a special moment. Sure, there’s the relief that it’s over, but there’s something else; the skies are always...

Ogijima - June 2014 -28

Construction on Ogijima

  Yesterday, the weather was pretty much perfect, so we decided for an impromptu and long overdue visit to Ogijima:   Ogicho’s port   As the title of the post hints, I was surprised by the number of construction sites on the island. It may...

Papier Mache Tiger

Papier-Mâché Tiger

    This papier-mâché tiger is called a Hariko no Tora, and  think they exist all around Japan. However, this style and design is typical of Kagawa and can be found in pretty much any store that sells traditional objects.    

Sunset over Seto Inland Sea - 2

Sunset over the Seto Inland Sea

  Returning from Naoshima:   What are all those people doing?   The same thing as I am:   I’m taking this opportunity to remind you that if you ever visit the Setouchi Islands in the Fall or early Spring, you really should take the...

Machi no Schule 963 - 5

Machi no Schule 963

  Under this very peculiar name, Machi no Schule 963 (strange mix of Japanese and German – it kinda means “the neighborhood’s school”) is hidden one of the coolest stores in Takamatsu. It is located in Marugamemachi (the fancy part of downtown), but it is pretty well...

Aji Stone Lights - 3

Aji Stone Lamps

  Aji used to be a small village near Takamatsu. It is now part of Takamatsu (right east of Yashima). It is (locally only?) famous for its stone, the Aji stone, that is a very high quality stone and that is used for the best...

Teshima Ieura - Port - 3

Ieura on Teshima

  Today, I want to show you around Ieura (pronounce: “Ih-eh-oorah”) on Teshima. It’s going to be a brief visit, I’m not going to show you every nook, just a few pictures of the village that you will most likely see when you come to...

Angel Road seen from the top of the previously mentioned rock.

Angel Road on Shodoshima

  On Shodoshima, more precisely on the south coast of the town of Tonosho, there is a natural phenomenon that may not blow you away, but that is worth a visit nonetheless. It is one of Shodoshima’s main tourist attractions, and its name is Angel...

Takamatsu Station - smiley

Smiling Takamatsu Station

  This is how the Takamatsu Station has looked like for a few days/weeks:     I’m not exactly sure why. Apparently the four major train stations of Shikoku got that “Shikoku Smile Station” treatment.    

Ogijima Daffodils - 8

Ogijima’s Daffodils

  Before the Setouchi Triennale, Ogijima was “famous” (locally only) for one thing and one thing only: its daffodils. At the end of winter, like everywhere else, the island’s daffodils are in bloom, and they do attract a lot of visitors from Takamatsu. Nowadays, as...

Honen-ji - Sanbutsudo - Bouddha

Hōnen-ji’s Dying Buddha

  I sometimes call Hōnen-ji “Takamatsu’s best kept secret”. The temple, located in Busshōzan (Takamatsu’s historical district), is not famous, doesn’t usually get many visitors and they’re definitely not tourists for the most part. And honestly, from the outside, while it’s quite enjoyable, it doesn’t...

Liminal Air Space-Time by Shinji Ohmaki

Liminal Air Space-Time by Shinji Ohmaki

  Maybe the name Shinji Ohmaki is totally unknown to you… or maybe it’s not, especially if you’re a regular reader and/or if you’ve been to Takamatsu within the past three years. In those cases, you most likely have already seen Liminal Air -core- that...