Anpanman Train in Takamatsu


As you may know, Anpanman, or rather his creator, Takashi Yanase, is originally from Shikoku (albeit, Kochi, not Kagawa). As a consequence, Anpanman is probably even more ubiquitous on Shikoku than in the rest of Japan (don’t mark my words, I didn’t actually research that). Especially famous and sought after are the Anpanman trains that can be found here and there on the island.

Here is one of them in Takamatsu Station:




David Billa

David was born and raised in France. After a few years in the US and then back to his home country, life led him to the shores of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. After falling in love with the area, he decided to show its beauty and all it has to offer with this blog.

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  1. jenny woolf says:

    Saw one of these and figured it must be some kind of kids cartoon character. It looks fun.

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