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REAL time FOOD on Megijima

Today, I want to tell you about a fascinating project on Megijima that I will try to follow as closely as possible. It’s called REAL time FOOD and it’s the brainchild of Patrick Lydon, Suhee Kang, and Kaori Tsuji. To get an idea of what it...

Tuna Donburi

  Tuna Donburi…   I know, sooner or later we’ll have to stop eating tuna, pretty much like we had to stop eating unagi. But in the meantime, let me indulge a few more times…    


    Extra fresh and delicious sashimi.    



  While oden is probably the typical “winter staple food” in Japan, I don’t think that anything beats a hot bowl of ramen and some gyoza when it’s cold outside (as well as inside, after all we’re talking about Japan here):      

France Dog & Curry

    Ah France, the country of curry and hot dogs… Some days, it’s just better to not try figuring out the whys and the hows…    



      If you don’t really know what Tonkatsu is, it’s basically breaded pork. It is usually eaten with some or all of the things you can see on the picture: shredded cabbage, mustard, miso soup, rice, pickled vegetables and various sauces. When it’s...