Category: Seto Islands

Abandoned House on Ogijima

    One of my favorite abandoned houses on Ogijima. Seen from below like this it looks enormous, but when you walk on the other side, you realize that not so much. That wall though makes it look like a castle (sort of…)    

Beyond the Border – Tide

  This week, one of the most moving artworks of the Setouchi Triennale 2016 was dismantled, and it made me really sad. Sure, it never was meant to be permanent, it’s somewhat short lifespan was actually part of the whole point, but I don’t know,...

Megijima’s Tree-house

    Fun fact: did you know that there is a tree-house on Megijima? And a rather nice looking one. I don’t know anything about it except that it dates from at least 2013 if not earlier. Actually if you’re reading this and now more than...