Category: Kagawa Prefecture

Takamatsu from Yashima

  In case you’re wondering, this is what Takamatsu looks like seen from Yashima. 🙂     Remind me to show you what Yashima looks like from Takamatsu. 😉  

Takamatsu Sunport at Night

  You may have already seen this picture if you follow my Instagram account (and if you don’t may I advise that you do 😉 ), but I’m posting it again here, because it’s worth it. You may know that it’s currently phosphorescent plancton season....

Another Rebirth

    Another Rebirth by Kimiyo Mishima is located between the village of Honmura and the Benesse Art Site on Naoshima (near the Naoshima dam as well as Tadao Ando’s Labyrinth of Cherry Blossoms). It is not the most interesting work of art you’ll see...