House of Octopus on Takamijima


House of Octopus by Ohji Yoshino was a pretty fun artwork on Takamijima during the Setouchi Triennale 2013.

I have no idea whether it has been dismantled or if it’ll be available again in 2016. All I know is that it isn’t open at the moment.

So here is a small retrospective of this nice installation (and possibly a preview for 2016? No idea)


House of Octopus - Takamijima - 01


House of Octopus - Takamijima - 02


House of Octopus - Takamijima - 03


House of Octopus - Takamijima - 04


House of Octopus - Takamijima - 05


House of Octopus - Takamijima - 06


You may already know, but in case you’re wondering, those pots are octopus traps.



David Billa

David was born and raised in France. After a few years in the US and then back to his home country, life led him to the shores of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. After falling in love with the area, he decided to show its beauty and all it has to offer with this blog.

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  1. Ha, that third octopus table reminds me of one of the bosses from Final Fantasy IV. =P
    Very cool.

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