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Abandoned House on Ogijima

    One of my favorite abandoned houses on Ogijima. Seen from below like this it looks enormous, but when you walk on the other side, you realize that not so much. That wall though makes it look like a castle (sort of…)    

Beautiful Decay on Ogijima

  Last month, a photo contest was organized on Ogijima. It wasn’t the first time – but for some reason, I had missed the previous ones – most likely not the last one either. Nothing too special, just something fun for Ogijima’s residents and friends....

Decay in the Seto Inland Sea

    Even if they make great photo subjects, abandoned houses on the Seto Inland Sea islands are always a bit depressing. A constant reminder that their survival hang only by a thread. I don’t remember where I took this picture (it was a few years...

Discovering Ibukijima

  A little while ago (actually, two years ago), I visited Ibukijima for the first time.     Actually, Ibukijima is one of the very first Setouchi islands that I have seen without really realizing it, as just a few days into my very first...


    This is the roof of one of the abandoned traditional houses on Ogijima. It’s been like this since last summer I believe (probably caused by a typhoon). Sad.