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Team Ogi Boat

  Here is one of the boats from the Team Ogi fleet. I can’t really read its name (if anyone can help), so I usually call it the “Sea Bream boat” for obvious reasons.    

Building a Boat for Ritsurin Garden

  If you visited Ritsurin Garden these past couple of years, you know that now there are a couple of boats on the south pond that allow you to discover the garden from a different perspective (full disclosure: I have yet to ride one of...

Setouchi Triennale Advice and Tips

  Update: The Setouchi Triennale 2016 has ended. However, some of these tips are valid if you plan on visiting Art Setouchi (that is the permanent artworks that are part of the Triennale). Most of them will also be valid in 2019. Look out for...