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Ogijima from Megijima

    Above the Oni cave on Megijima, there’s a small “park” with a great view of the Seto Inland Sea and the neighboring islands, including this very interesting view of Ogijima from an unusual angle.  

After the Hanami

  Cherry Blossom season ended a while ago. However, that’s not a reason not to share some pictures of that brief moment when all the petals are on the ground. A moment that can sometimes be as beautiful as when the flowers are blooming.  ...

Team Ogi Boat

  Here is one of the boats from the Team Ogi fleet. I can’t really read its name (if anyone can help), so I usually call it the “Sea Bream boat” for obvious reasons.    

Coming Soon to Ogijima: Damonte & Co

  There is currently a small problem on Ogijima. In 2016, two of its most popular cafés have closed. Murakami Shoten, the small restaurant owned and managed by Ms Murakami for about 60 years or so recently closed. Ms Murakami’s health didn’t allow her to...

Abandoned House on Ogijima

    One of my favorite abandoned houses on Ogijima. Seen from below like this it looks enormous, but when you walk on the other side, you realize that not so much. That wall though makes it look like a castle (sort of…)