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Newlyweds in Korakuen

  When you visit beautiful and famous parks in Japan, you sometimes stumble upon newlyweds taking pictures. Here is a young couple who immortalized their wedding in Okayama’s Korakuen:              

Chinu, the Black Sea Bream of Uno

    Chinu, the Black Sea Bream of Uno by Yodogawa Technique is a fascinating piece. If you have been through Uno Port (in Tamano City, Okayama) – for example, going to Naoshima from Honshu – you must have seen it. It was made three...

First glimpse of Inujima

    Yesterday, I visited Inujima for the first time. I’ll tell you all about it soon (right now, I’m spending my few days of vacations as much as possible away from my computer, but that won’t last). Today, I’m going back to Shamijima to...