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Ogijima from Megijima

    Above the Oni cave on Megijima, there’s a small “park” with a great view of the Seto Inland Sea and the neighboring islands, including this very interesting view of Ogijima from an unusual angle.  

Ozuchishima in the Mist

    Sometimes the Seto Inland Sea gets misty. Sometimes, it’s because it’s Spring and the air is warming up and becoming more humid, more rarely it’s because it’s fog, and once in a while unfortunately, it’s smog, because Japan doesn’t have the cleanest air....

Ryuozan Park in Aji

Last Sunday, the weather was perfect. Well, as perfect as it can be for February. Not a cloud in the sky, almost no wind, and while it was cold, it wasn’t too cold. The perfect day to go to an island (or a temple? believe...