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Back to Honen-ji

  I hadn’t been back to Honen-ji in quite a while, so I went a couple of weekends ago. Located in the Busshozan neighborhood, Honen-ji is one of the most beautiful temples in Takamatsu (possibly the most beautiful one), however it’s poorly known by the...

Gashapon WTF

  I know, this blog doesn’t talk enough about Japan’s weird and bizarre things. My friends who don’t live in Japan complain enough about it, and I’m sure my traffic would be more important if I did so on a regular basis (seeing the kind of...

Statue at Negoro-ji

Statue at Negoro-ji

    I’m not exactly sure who or what this statue represents, but I like it very much. It can be found in Negoro-ji, the 82th temple on the Shikoku Pilgrimage.